The Forgo Freedom Campaign was born out of a desire to create a platform for international anti-trafficking engagement that creates an opportunity for awareness, reflection, discussion and personal participation while raising funds to support Aurora House and their mission to provide housing and support services to people who have been exploited. 

On Dec 2, 2018 registrants all around the world can participate by giving up some of their freedom for 24 hours. They will receive notices telling them when they are not permitted to eat, sleep or talk and giving them instructions designed to inform and promote reflection of some of the hardships and realities endured by people who have had their freedoms violated.  Participants will be kept in the dark, not knowing when reprieves allowing for sleep or food may come.

The campaign has been designed to allow for engagement by anyone, including those who must work, attend school, are responsible for dependents in their care or have other commitments they feel might prevent them from participation. Some participants will want to be fully engaged, some will pick and choose the challenges and some will merely observe. We encourage any and all who are interested in the issue to register.