We've created this helpful resource for ideas on how you can make a few choices this halloween that might help effect change in the ongoing issue of child slavery in the world's chocolate production. The two images below circulated the globe after the 2000 release of the shocking documentary Slavery: A Global Investigation bringing initial worldwide awareness of the issue. A recent study released in July 2015 by Tulane University claims the number of child slaves in West African coccoa production has since drastically increased and is now well above a million.


Media attention has once again been drawn to the issue of the use of child slavery in the production of the world's chocolate by new class-action law suits. Our News Page has links to recent articles about these suits against Hershey, Nestle and Mars pertaining to allegations around the ongoing use of child slavery in their supply chains. 


We've included a Approximate Cost Per Treat (ACPT) number that will vary based on location. Please note that this is a simple estimate based on our initial searches and in no way reflects actual costs online or in-store.

Haven’t bought your candy? Below is a list of how and where to go to find ethically sourced candy this Halloween.

Too late? Already bought candy? Why not contact the store you bought from and let them know you will only be purchasing ethically sourced treats next year because you don’t want to participate in the chain of child slavery in any way.  Urge them to carry fair trade treats next year if they don’t want you doing your shopping elsewhere.  This is a great way anyone can get involved. Call your local supermarket and ask them to carry ethically sourced treats if they don't already. 

Buy In-Store

Your local health/whole food store is a great place to find ethical options, we recommend you call first to make sure they carry halloween treats.

Camino Chocolate produces fair trade chocolate minis perfect for Halloween. Their site has a handy store finder to help find this candy at a location near you!

ACPT: $0.35

Endangered Species offers organic, fair trade and earth-friendly options. Check out their store locator. Also available online at Amazon. They are a bit on the $ side.

ACPT (online): $0.64 (Bug's Bites) or $0.41 (Halloween Treats), in-store amounts may differ.

buy online

Natural Candy Store is a great online store for Fair Trade treats, candy for special dietary needs, GMO-free etc. Buy chocolate and other spooky treats! Note: Shipping can take 1- 10 business days to Canada and the US depending on location. 

ACPT: $0.23 (Equal Exchange bites) - $0.99 (Sun Cups). They have bulk-buy options that reduce cost. 

Equal Exchange is another great resource for information and candy! Check out their blog - Why Fair Trade Halloween Chocolate Matters and their infographic

ACPT: $0.20 

Yum Earth organic pops and gummy bears are a healthier organic,  fair trade and less expensive option! Available on Amazon

ACPT: $0.19 




The following excerpt from Lisa Borden’s Huffinton Post article How my Family Celebrates a Healthier Halloween presents some creative ideas:

“Reverse Trick-or-Treating rests on the belief that the simple act of one person saying to another "There's a problem. There's a solution. Let's do something," can be very powerful. And if a child says this to an adult -- it's doubly powerful. Further, Equal Exchange, creator of this original program, believes that such acts will demonstrate to the large corporations, and to public officials, that people are paying attention, people care, and they want action.

To avoid toxic sugar, genetically modified ingredients and other dangerous ingredients, I personally bribe my children by offering them their own entire cake (with ingredients that satisfy my standards and their taste buds)…It fills them up and makes them feel like they've indulged in a way they don't get to other days. Then we go door to door and REVERSE trick or treat. That's right, instead of taking candy, we GIVE a piece of organic, fair-trade…candy or chocolate. We find it's also helpful to hand people an explanation of what we're are doing so they might not be spooked themselves. You never know, they just might come to realize that what they are doing is toxic, and join us next year.

I know many people already practice switch-witchery, which is the act of trick or treating, and then trading your kids their bag of toxic junk for a toy or something else. Although this can be an effective strategy to prevent your children from scarfing down sugar and chemicals, by taking the treats you are still supporting the companies that make them. We must stop this. It's the simple rules of supply and demand.”


One of the best resources we found is a blog by Tsh Oxenreider called The Art of Simple. Tsh addresses the problematic issues around the high cost of Fair Trade labelling and has some great discussion forums. Check out Tsh's blog here.


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