By Creating Awareness

Like with any problem, the first step in effecting significant change is recognizing the problem. We believe that by increasing awareness around the issues we can create change through the power of our spending choices, activities and influence. Awareness needs to be handled responsibly. History has shown us that uninformed solutions can themselves result in the oppression of various groups or individuals. We believe in always being open to new ideas, challenges to political and social approaches and even direct criticism of our own practices. For this reason, this site contains numerous links to views that are not always in agreement and, at times, in direct conflict with one another. We do this in order to help enable informed discussion with the hopes that together we might someday find solutions that bring freedom to all without oppression.  Click here or more ideas on how to make a difference every day.


By Raising Funds

Funds raised will go to support the work of Aurora House, a long-term transitional housing project headquartered in Toronto, Canada dedicated to provided housing and support services to people who have been trafficked or otherwise exploited.  For more on their anti-oppression commitment and other values click here. For a list of how funds will be used click here

For information that speaks to the gaps in service that Aurora House will be meeting, the Alliance Against Modern Slavery released an in-depth study of trafficking in Ontario released June 2014. To read more see The Incidence of Human Trafficking in Ontario. It lists housing, victim financial support and counselling among the top gaps and challenges faced by service providers.