Part of the purpose of this campaign is to help us experience some of what it must mean to be exploited and to reflect on the freedoms we so often take for granted. The very fact that we have the luxury of asking questions so we can make informed choices before we decide to participate is a departure from the experience of millions of people who are currently enslaved, trafficked and exploited. So...we encourage you to stop for a moment and appreciate your chance to be fully informed and your freedom of choice. 

On December 2nd participants will receive instructions intended to simulate some of the hardships faced by those who find themselves in exploitative situations. Each directive will be accompanied with information and reflections that will draw a connection between the directive and the reality of an actual experience of exploitation. In this way,  we hope to increase an informed awareness of the various forms of human trafficking, slavery and exploitation. Each example will also be followed with a ray of hope - a small change or action that can be taken in our day-to-day lives that can effect change.