Glendene Grant is the mother of missing Jessie Foster.  Below is her open letter to her daughter who's been missing since 2006 :

"My sweet, dear, wonderful Jessie...
Hi baby, this is Mom. I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you and how hard we are working to find you and bring you home. I know how scared you must be and how worried you are about us worrying about you. With all my heart and soul I feel you are alive and out there, somewhere, needing to be found and rescued. We will do that. 
Jessie, I also want you to know that we know what you have been through. We know what was happening in Vegas. Do NOT blame yourself or think that you need to be forgiven for ANYTHING. You are a VICTIM, even if you think you could have left, you were not able to - your being a victim of human trafficking is proof of that.  You were trying to come home to Canada and someone stopped you. 
Jessie, I have missed two of your birthdays and a lot of other special occasions and holidays, plus all the things that have happened in the 16 months sine you have been missing. 
Your dad is having such a hard time with all of this. He just does not know what to do or what to think. He is doing better now, but I have been worried about him. After all, he only has you and Crystal....of course he has step daughters and he knows you have your other sisters, but you guys are his and he misses you so much. Tracy is taking care of things of course. Being the mom and grandma to all the kids....she is a strong woman. 
You have such a strong, huge support system Jess. Your friends all miss you and are so worried and supportive to us. 
Jessie, remember...we will find you, love Mom. 
I have one more thing to say, but this is not to Jessie...this is to whoever took her, or has her, or knows where she is. PLEASE, you have to understand that Jessie is loved, wanted, missed and needed back by her family and friends. We NEED her. She is part of us and without her there is a huge, huge whole. It is unbelievable how big of a hole such a tiny girl can make when she is not there. When she is missing from her family, from her place in our lives where she belongs. GIVE HER BACK TO US. Give her back to me. I am her mommy and I need my baby back, PLEASE. Jessie is a wonderful person with a huge heart and you do not need her like we do. We promise that if someone contacts us with information about Jessie's whereabouts we will keep it confidential and you will not be involved if you choose not to be. Contact us from our website: or call Crime Stoppers or the North Las Vegas Police or even call your local police agency and they can get the information to us. 
Glendene Grant....mother of endangered missing
Jessie Foster"

Source: Canada's Underground World of Human Trafficking, Invisible Chains by Benjamin Perrin

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