Aurora House has a collection of survivor stories from Canada that illustrate both the types of human rights violations that exist in Canada as well as the stories of people that your participation in today's campaign are likely to help. The stories are upsetting but they contain no graphic details. 


We have also listed below links to human trafficking stories from across the globe that provide additional detail and human trafficking scenarios. 

Caution: Some of these stories contain details that are disturbing and graphic. For some, they may bring up memories of abuse.  We recommend that you make a plan for how you will process some of what you will read and see.  If you do not have a counsellor or other professional support network YOU MIGHT CONSIDER CHECKING YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS FOR DISTRESS HOTLINES.  IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRAFFICKED AND WOULD LIKE ASSISTANCE OF ANY KIND PLEASE CALL ONE OF THESE HOTLINES:   

HUMan TRAFFICKING Support Links: 

CANADA:  Chrysalis Hotline:  1-866-528-7109

USA & INTERNATIONAL: Polaris Project: 1-888-373-7888 

Survivor Stories

Labour and Sex Trafficking accounts from Alberta, Canada by ACT Alberta. Click here to read more. 

Sex Trafficking accounts provided by Equality Now has stories from across the globe.  Click here to read their stories.