Traffickers have been known to pose as legitimate businesses including: 

  • Model agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Employment companies
  • "Au Pair" babysitting services/nanny and housekeeping agencies
  • International matchmaking/mail-order bride services

Some general ways to help ensure the job offer is legitimate include: 

  • Research the company (this means more than checking that they have a web site and phone number) check better business bureau info, perform google searches with their name or similar names and 'scam' or 'fraud'
  •  How long have they been in business? Be wary of agencies that have only been operational for a year or less. Ask other people in the industry if they know of the agency - are they well established and well known? 
  • Ask for a reference from someone they have successfully placed. If they give you the name of a successful model, research that, see if there is any connection between the model and their agency.
  • Ensure you keep your identity documentation with you at all times. This is critical. At no point should there be any reason for them to hold your id for you. 
  • If they have arranged for a contract between you and another company, research that company. Call their HR department and confirm that the agency you are working with has been contracted by their company. 
  • If the opportunity seems too good to be true, it likely is. Be wary!


Other ways people and children are lured into trafficking situations: 

  • Free tickets abroad
  • Social Media: read a news story of a recent case in Toronto
  • Being 'paid to party': offers of free drugs, travel, clothes etc.