The Forgo Freedom For A Day Campaign has been designed to allow for engagement by anyone.

Some will choose to register but ignore instructions and simply observe the campaign and ponder the survivor stories and reflections. Let's face it, we are all making a free choice to participate and therefore aren't really losing any freedom, we are just experiencing in a small way some of the effects and hardships others endure in a much more difficult and profound way. 

The campaign is meant to promote reflection and awareness. If you are a parent, and are instructed  not to speak...this won't work if your children are in your care. So we encourage you to participate where and when you can. It's the effort and thought that counts. We don't expect everyone to take one of their vacation days in order to participate. Do what you can within reason...but we encourage you to try your best to participate in all of the challenges. If you are in a meeting at 3pm and are instructed not to speak, start your silence at 5pm when the meeting adjourns instead...but each time you must break your silence to keep your job, try to reflect on how privileged you are to have a voice and be given an opportunity to speak and how fortunate you are to have employment. 

Better yet, why not ask your employers to buy back your freedom for the hours you are at work by making a donation?!