STEP ONE: Register

Participants will be asked to pre-register for the challenge (prior to Dec 2nd).  We ask participants to pay a $20 registration fee to help us cover our event costs (this fee is not tax deductible).  We have a free registration option for those who would like to participate but do not have a credit card or are otherwise unable to pay the $20 fee. For this option we ask that registrants try to raise a minimum of $20.

A fundraising page will be automatically created for each registrant.  We've set the default amount to $500 but participants can change their own personal goal to whatever they like. The sky's the limit!

STEP TWO:  Prior to December 2nd, participants need to choose their method of communication: 

  1. Twitter (follow campaign on Twitter ForgoFreedom@ForgoFreedom)

  2. Facebook Messenger (they will need to join our Facebook Group)

STEP THREE: On Dec 2nd participants will receive instructions via their preferred method of contact.  Some will choose to follow all instructions, some may simply observe the campaign and some might do something in between. We encourage participants to do what works for them.

STEP FOUR: Engage with others 

During and after the challenge participants are encouraged to dialogue with others, share their thoughts and experiences with one another and provide us with feedback.